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Hi and welcome to the Team Flux Club.

Dedicated to the crossover art series of the universe's greatest time travel unit ever assembled...Team Flux!

This group allows fans and artists to come together to share their art, ideas and interests that focus on Team Flux members such as Kitty Katswell, Marty McFly, Doc Brown, Brandy Harrington, Ace Hart, Earthworm Jim, Dr. Zoidberg, Coco Bandicoot, and Jack Spicer as well as any other characters from movies, cartoons, video games, etc., that they'll meet during their time-travelling crusade. ;)
Founded 3 Years ago
Aug 11, 2013


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Fan Club

25 Members
67 Watchers
47,716 Pageviews
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Gallery Folders

Emmett 'Doc' Brown 1931 by LolaScheving
Marty McFly Johnny B Goode by LolaScheving
Marty McFly Enchantment Under the Sea Dance by LolaScheving
George McFly Enchantment Under the Sea Dance by LolaScheving
Why Me!? - 70 by Gutovi-kun
Why Me!? - 69 by Gutovi-kun
Kitty and Dudley TUFF PUPPY-reloaded 2.0 part 59 by LGGallardo
Kitty and Dudley TUFF PUPPY-reloaded 2.0 part 58 by LGGallardo
Team Flux Posters
DMC Delorean by 94eliasdesing
Delorean DMC Custome by 94eliasdesing
Back To The Future - 30th Anniv. (1985 - 2015) by smjblessing
T.U.F.F. Mission X: The T.O.O.R. Saga - Info Page by FoxsDumbSeriesMaker
Group Pics

Mature Content

Gwenpool-kitty katswell revenge  by nicholasnrm123
Illustrado y coloreado por mi amiga victoria 7w7 by juniorbarbaron1823
Birthday operation: Bullet sisters by BizzarroYnospito
Kitty Katswell and Dudley Puppy in Hot Dog by LGGallardo
Kitty Katswell
Pregnant Harem Kitty by EmperorNortonII

Mature Content

infiltrate by DaveToons
Kitty Katswell winking by DarthBane48
Tracer Katswell by MasterghostUnlimited
Marty McFly
Oh Gosh The Time! by YamiKlaus
Marty McFly Cosplay by YamiKlaus
Nobody calls me chicken by Charlene-Art
Marty McFly - MSC Marty by supergenie
Doc Brown
Emmett Lathrop Brown by EssaulovaAna
Emmett by EssaulovaAna
Dr. Emmett Lathrop Brown by micofon
Snow full by Smeha
Brandy Harrington
My Top 10 Characters With A Soft Side by Matrooko11
Top 10 Characters I Like But Everyone Else Hates by Matrooko11
Who Brandy Acts Like by Matrooko11
Brandy Sketch Contest Entry by CandyPom
Earthworm Jim
Earthworm Jim by ss2sonic
Earthworm Jim Fanart by GlenMiles
Earthworm Jim by VGAfanatic
Earthworm Jim wooden picture by JR-T
Ace Hart
Ace Hart by Metalwolff
Happy 2014 by ewan4me
Rosie and Ace by Toonfan0
Coco Bandicoot
Coco Bandicoot and Pura by Tatujapa
Coco at the beach by BizzarroYnospito
Coco Bandicoot by Drawdrop
Coco Bandicoot: After hardwork (v2.0) by AmSheegar
Jack Spicer
My Top 10 Animated Villains I Sympathize With by Matrooko11
Monkey Staff by Fukari
Spicer by Fukari
Xiaolin Showdown: Jack Spicer by Nexus519
Dr. Zoidberg
Out To Eat With Zoidberg by vikung-fu
Doc. Zoidberg by drull
Day 810# Dr.Zoidberg by Cryptid-Creations
Zoidberg With A Shotgun by StranniChel
Angela Cross
Angela by Verona7881
Commission '15 + Angela  and Jonzu by RatchetJak

Mature Content

Angela's best line Updated by BreakoutKid
Angelina ready for action by Ionic44
Dr. Nefarious Tropy
Nefarious Tropy by sammychan816
Dr. N.Tropy |CB 3 Warped| by AlwaysComposed
The last night of summer by Strixic
Dr. N. Tropy by MrMiro96
Biff Tannen
Buford Tannen by micofon
BiffTannenButtHead by Stnk13
Back to the Future Cel BTTF by AnimationValley
More Beer? by The-Man-Of-Tomorrow
The Chameleon
TKCG 048 - Chameleon by TUFFAgentShepherd
Camaleon by M3DXD
Chameleon by Executioner15
Chameleon Redesign by ChameleonCove
Gaspar le Gecko
Earthworm Jim, Psy-Crow. by Ayej
Psy-crow Hour by Splopp
TEGAKI-ScourgeoftheSpaceWays by Cheri-chan
psy-crow by GrantPAdams
Baron von Rottweiler
Nina Cortex
Nina Cortex by sammychan816
Nina Cortex - Maybe I Should Be An Emo by AmSheegar
Nina Cortex Sad (without stripe) by AmSheegar
Crash BandiReboot 3 - Nina Cortex by Zigwolf
Chase Young
Death Battle - William Vs. Chase Young by Matrooko11
Chase Young [GIF] by Rokeii
Thug 4 Less Leader
Thugs 4 Less at your service by RatchetJak
Sheriff Toothpick
Bold by Verona7881
Sheriff Toothpick by TUFFAgentShepherd
Abigail and Toothpick going west by Jaehthebird
Good Ol' Toothpick by Caco-holic
Potential Team Flux Members
Delorean Concept by 94eliasdesing
Delorean Back to the future by 94eliasdesing
Sir dan by Entropician
Ruckus - T.U.F.F. Mission X by FoxsDumbSeriesMaker
Team Flux Rookies
TKCG 177 - Shine Ortiz by TUFFAgentShepherd
Little Surprise For Ariel by ShineWubbOrtiz2199
Lady of British Columbia by Trainman3985
Shine as NW 611 by Trainman3985
Team Flux couples
Jealous type  by nicholasnrm123
MartyXKitty Dedicated to BreakoutKid by culdeefan4
Paulina X Vik by LePtitSuisse1912

Mature Content

Mooning kissing by TheDogwhitaTail
The Cooper gang
TKCG 056 - Cooper Gang by TUFFAgentShepherd
TKCG 044 - Carmelita Fox by TUFFAgentShepherd
Greasy Sweet by XxMoonlightWolveXx
[Which Wich] Carmelita Fox by Blu3Danny
Sly Cooper's Ancestors
Tennessee Kid Cooper by Mimisia2367Pony
Henriette One Eye Cooper with crew by Mimisia2367Pony
12 Days for TrexKing45 by shinragod
Tennessee Kid Cooper by Tigerthewolf
Crash and Crunch Bandicoot
Crash and Baby T by Tigerthewolf
Crash Bandicoot by Tigerthewolf
The Bandicoots by DangerMask
Crash bandicoot LOL by rods3000
The Mane 6
Why Me!? - 74 by Gutovi-kun
Why Me!? - 73 by Gutovi-kun
Why Me!? - 72 by Gutovi-kun
Why Me!? - 71 by Gutovi-kun
The Cutie Mark Crusaders
CFC: 7 Months Later by SB99stuff
Sunset crusading by MidnightSonare
Apple Bloom Caped Crusader by mysticalpha
Scootaloo by RizCifra
PC: SheZow Coloring 28 by CatalystAristarkh
.-Shezow (speed paint)-. by Trufinita
She'll be back ! by Guy-Hamdon
The Crystal Gems
Crystal Gems - Sketch by bittersweet-Grace
Take that SWATbutt! by DonkeyInTheMiddle
Pearl Sketch by Ranoutofideas
Steven Universe by aquanut
Teeanage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Leonardo TMNT by Tigerthewolf
Donatello TMNT by Tigerthewolf
TMNT(2014 movie version)-Michelangelo by Tigerthewolf
TMNT Raphael by Tigerthewolf
Toxic Crusaders
Toxic Crusaders by DanFelix
Toxie by cool-slayer
I Nose What to do by MissKeith
Toxic Crusaders Skratchjam by warthogrampage
Extreme Dinosaurs
Bullzeye by sammychan816
Stegz by sammychan816
Spike by sammychan816
T-Bone by sammychan816
Thea Sisters
Sailor Violet by mewmewspike
Nicky Swimsuit by LePtitSuisse1912
Connie X Dylan colored by LePtitSuisse1912
Dreaming of her Love by LePtitSuisse1912
Mario Bros
Extra Large Goomba 10-24-2015 by OMGWillustrate
We gotta catch 'em all....OH WAIT by MKDrawings
SMW Scene Recreation by JamesmanTheRegenold
Mama Luigi by Princesa-Daisy
Kong Family
Lanky Kong by Tigerthewolf
Donkey Kong by Tigerthewolf
Chunky Kong by Tigerthewolf
Donkey Kong by CHCHcartoons
Knothole Freedom Fighters
[Which Wich] Sally Acron by Blu3Danny
Sally by Tempson
Sally Acorn (Sonic The Hedgehog) by dispution
Sally Acorn Beauty Christmas by CottonCatTailToony
We Can Take 'Em: Mighty and Espio in Sonic Boom by HavocGirl
my attempt at draiwng knuckles chaotix by spyaroundhere35
Segaized: Julie-Su by TanjatheBat
Dr. Neo Cortex and his Mutants
Dingodile by purapuss
Rillaroo Revamp (flat colour) by Kroxie
N Gin by sammychan816
Neo Cortex by sammychan816
Evil Emperor Zurg
Zurg is Back in Black by Fox-The-Wandering
Sunglasses Zurg by Corvus-the-Snark
Bowser and the Koopa Pack
Koopa troopa shell redesign by yorko
Don't Mess With A Bowser. by Atariboy2600
Ninja Lemmy Koopa #2 by Tigerthewolf
Ninja Larry Koopa #2 by Tigerthewolf
Dr. Eggman and his Badniks
Dr. Eggman by Zigwolf
What's wrong with my mustache!? by KatarinaTheCat
Clumsy Eggman by Gigi-D
Twilight you dolt by T95Master
Mirage by HatsuYuki-sama
Mirage by jjjjoooo1234
Well Well Well by AtomicTiki
You'd wish that Elmyra was just a Mirage by PacDragon
King Sombra
Good and Bad Sombra by Mickeymonster
King Sombra by SpainFischer
Square Series - Sombra by SpainFischer
A Lonely King by Anzu18
Bad Rap and the Raptors
Haxx by sammychan816
Spittor by sammychan816
Bad Rap by sammychan816
Extreme Dinosaurs - Spittor by FocusDynamite
Shredder and the Foot Clan
Bebop and Rocksteady by McSlackerton
Shredder by Megamink1997
Classic LeatherHead by Tigerthewolf
Dogpound by Phraggle
King K. Rool and the Kremling Krew
Kremling King by cmdixon589
N383 - Necky by Walldryx
The Kremlings by Marioshi64
K Rool doodle by SpaceSmilodon
Potential Team Flux villains
The Cuckoo Clockmaster by TUFFAgentShepherd
TKCG 013 - Ahuizotl by TUFFAgentShepherd
Wreckage (variant 2) - T.U.F.F. Mission X by FoxsDumbSeriesMaker
Wreckage (variant 1) - T.U.F.F. Mission X by FoxsDumbSeriesMaker

Random from Featured

Just to give you the Heads up, Me and TUFFandTMNT (or John as you know him) have been talking about considering a couple of changes to Team Flux this year.

First off, I'm gonna come up with a new uniform design  for the team for a bit of revitalisation.

Second, (and this is a major change so brace yourselves) Team Flux Members Jack Spicer and Coco Bandicoot will be reassigned as Doc Brown's assistant scientists to help him develop new technology.Coco will also be in charge of Communications and will be in Touch with the Team and Guide them on their missions.

So filling in for Coco will Angela Cross from Ratchet and Clank Going Commando, and Tennessee Kid Cooper will be filling in for Jack.

That is all.

P.S. If anyone has any concerns, feel free to ask.
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